Friday, July 08, 2022

Climbing the Sierra Nevada Mountains

Climbers Nathan Longhurst and Travis Soares are both attempting to climb all 247 peaks in the 'Sierra Peaks Section' of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the fastest time ever. You can follow along as they complete their challenge on their amazing SPS 2022 Live Tracking Map.

In February of this year Nathan Longhurst set out to climb 247 mountain peaks in under six months. He plans to finish that challenge today by climbing the last seven northern Palisade peaks he has yet to climb. The SPS 2022 Live Tracking Map allows you to follow Nathan and Travis' progress in real-time on a 3D map. The tracker uses GPS to show the live position of the climber's on top of a three.js powered map of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

The tracker includes a playback option (the small play button) which allows you to view a sped-up animation of the last few hours of the climb. The map uses a completely customized 3D terrain renderer based on open aerial data (USDA NAIP), elevation data (USGS NED), and named locations (USGS BGN). 

Today (July 8th 2022) Nathan and Travis will be climbing Temple Crag, Gayley, Sill, North Palisade, Thunderbolt, Winchell, and Agassiz. These are the last seven peaks in Nathan's challenge (Travis started his attempt a little after Nathan so has a few more peaks to climb after today).

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Team SPS2022 said...

Hi, the tracking link for today (July 8, 2022) will be based on Nathan's inReach:

We switched to Travis' briefly the other day when Nathan's battery died, but prefer Nathan's because his updates a bit more frequently.