Monday, July 18, 2022

Extreme Weather Warnings

NASA: Heatwaves and Fires Scorch Europe, Africa, and Asia

If you live in the northern hemisphere then you have probably noticed that this summer is a lot hotter than normal. Countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and North America have in recent weeks had to issue extreme weather warnings as temperature records have been broken across all four continents. Prolonged heat waves have also led to an outbreak of wildfires in North America, Europe and North Africa. 

The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts' 2m Temperature map forecasts high temperatures across much of Europe for both Monday and Tuesday of this week. Air temperatures at 2 m above the earth's surface "approximate most closely to the conditions a person would most likely experience".

In the UK the Met Office has issued the first ever Red Extreme heat warning in the country. Temperatures of over 40°C have been forecast for both Monday and Tuesday of this week. The UK's current hottest ever temperature was 38.7°C, recorded in 2019.

The French national meteorological service Météo-France has issued red warnings in 15 departments in the west of the country. They are urging people who live in these departments to maintain 'absolute vigilance', especially on Monday.

Spain's national meteorological service AEMET has issued high temperature warnings in many central regions and extreme high temperature warnings have been issued for much of the Basque Country region.

The European Commisions' Copernicus Energency Management System provides an interactive map showing active fires across Europe & North Africa. Fires in Portugal, Spain, France, Greece and Morocco have led to hundreds of deaths and the evacuation of thousands of people. The extreme temperatures in France have led the authorities in Gironde to warn that the heat and wind will likely impede efforts to stop fires spreading and could lead to outbreaks of more wildfires. 

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