Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Mapping 2,000 Nuclear Detonations

Human Beings have detonated over 2,000 nuclear weapons. All of these weapons have had an impact on the environment and many of them have had a dramatic impact on local communities. The ICANW Nuclear Test Impact Map shows the locations of all known nuclear weapon detonations around the world and tells some of the stories behind the impacts of those detonations. 

On the interactive map nuclear weapon detonations are shown using categorized markers, to indicate if a detonation was atmospheric or underground. If you select a detonation marker on the map you can learn more about the date of the explosion, the country responsible and the number of detonations.

The markers with the outline of a person indicate stories and testimonials of those who have had to live with the consequences of nuclear detonations. These include the stories of those born with defects caused by radiation exposure, testimonials from islanders evicted from their homes, and accounts of the environmental damage caused by nuclear tests around the world.

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