Tuesday, July 19, 2022

The Pokemon Dinosaur Tour

Because of today's extreme heat the UK government is advising people to stay indoors. Thanks to Covid I've had a lot of practice of being isolated at home.  All my experience of stay-at-home orders has taught me that if you can't go out in reality then the next best thing is to explore the world virtually. Luckily many of the world's museums have developed their own virtual tours.

So here is today's Virtual Day Trip around the museums of the world:

The Pokémon Fossil Museum

The National Museum of Nature and Science in Tokyo is currently touring an exhibition of Pokémon fossils. This exhibition includes mock-up Pokémon skeletons presented alongside real dinosaur fossils. I assume the exhibition is designed to encourage children into museums. The virtual Pokémon tour certainly encouraged me to undertake a virtual tour of the National Museum of Nature and Science Tokyo.

More dinosaur fossils are on display at the Oxford Museum of Natural History. The Oxford Museum's Earth Collections section includes the museum's Palaeontological exhibits, displayed in the Dinosaur Gallery. Click on this virtual tour and you can get up close to the museum's dinosaur collection and explore the wonderful architecture of the museum's amazing exhibition hall.

If you like planes then you will love the Museum of Flight. Seattle's Museum of Flight is the largest private air and space museum in the world. It's website includes numerous virtual tours which allow you to jump inside the cockpits of some of the world's most famous airplanes, including the Concorde (shown above), the Boeing Dreamliner, and even a NASA Space Shuttle Trainer.

Aviation fans will also love the Evergreen Air & Space Museum virtual tour. Oregon's celebrated aviation museum houses more than fifty military and civilian aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, and spacecraft. These include Howard Hughes' massive Spruce Goose aircraft.

Want more? Maps Mania's Virtual Tours of the World's Museums includes links to ten more virtual tours of museums and art galleries located around the world.

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