Saturday, December 13, 2008

Street View Spots UFO over Sydney Harbour

In what must be a slow news day down under the Australian Press (The Daily Telegraph, The Courier Mail, Newspost) has been full of a story about a UFO sighting found in Google street view. It's also a slow news day here at Google Maps Mania so we are more than happy to pass on the story.

First off here's the picture:

Frankly, that's enough proof for me.

The street view image can be found at Miller's Point, near Sydney Harbour (just click on the image above to see the street view on Google Maps).

I know there will still be some sceptics out there but luckily Google also caught what is clearly the same UFO flying over Tokyo.

Datalink also found the exact same UFO flying over the skies of Melbourne, Australia. This time street view has caught the UFO attempting to beam up a telegraph pole. Clearly the aliens are attempting to disable our communication systems.

Australia and Japan are not the only countries to be visited by little green men. This Street View below captures a UFO flying over San Francisco.

Daddy G informs us (by way of the comments below) that the same red UFO that has been terrorising Australia and Japan has also been seen over Dallas.

How about this one in Virginia Beach, VA, USA? This UFO is obviously constructed from different material, which leads me to surmise we are being visited by aliens from at least two different planets,

Anyway let me be the first to welcome our alien overlords.

For those of you yet to be convinced Google Sightseeing has a large collection of UFO sightings in Google Maps satellite imagery.

Still not convinced huh.

This map geotags the National UFO Reporting Center's database of UFO sightings.
The Alien Tracker Map is tracking the last known movements of a number of known aliens, such as Worf, Yoda and Darth Vadar (currently somewhere in the Andromeda Galaxy).

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