Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another Clustering Solution for Google Maps


Geocubes is a clustering solution for developers who need to map a large number of points.

Geocubes clusters geo-referenced data into squares on a Google Map showing how many points are in each square. This allows users to zoom into individual square areas and see the results for that area. This avoids indistinct point-clouds.

Geocubes displays the data on the map either as one marker per data point or a square with a number representing the number of points in that square. To achieve this, Geocubes displays an overlay on top of the Google Map. To display a Geocubes map, the webpage fetches the original map from Google and the Geocubes overlay from the Geocubes servers. This happens in parallel so there is no speed loss when the map and the markers load.

The screenshot above shows a map with well over one hundred thousand markers running with no speed loss.

Other Clustering Solution Tools


Anonymous said...

Hi, UMapper is not powered by Google Maps. It's based on Microsoft Visual Earth

Keir Clarke said...

UMapper lets you choose from Virtual Earth, Google, Open Street Map or Yahoo map API's.

BDV_Works said...

You could try our server-side solutions and with GoogleMap API: