Friday, December 19, 2008

Boutique Hotels on Google Maps


Mapplr is website designed to help you find the best restaurants, hotels, cafes, boutiques around the world. Mapplr only selects the best boutique hotels and B&Bs (avoiding hotel chains), coolest restaurants, and cafes with good coffee and preferably Wi-Fi.

Mapplr has created a number of city maps showing the locations of their choice selections. The maps have all been created with Google My Maps. This means that each map comes with a link to 'View Larger Map'. Clicking the link allows you to view the city locations directly in Google Maps.

Go Street Maps

Go Street Maps has created a large number of Google Map mashups for the top cities around the world. Each map contains a wealth of information about the city, including hotels, the top shops and places to visit.

Each mapped location is listed in a sidebar and tagged on the map. The sidebar contains information about each location and the mapped tags contain a link to more information about the destination.

The Tri Cities Best
The Tri Cities Best is a guide to the best restaurants, hotels, motels and B&B's in Johnson City, Kingsport & Bristol, Tennessee.

Both the restaurant and hotel sections are divided into categories. So if you are searching for something to eat you can choose from a number of types of food, for example Mexican, pizza, etc. The hotel section is divided into hotels, B&Bs or motels. Each section then comes with a map listing all the select choices made by the Tri Cities Best.


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