Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Details of the Mumbai Terrorists

Police in Mumbai today released the home addresses in Pakistan of the nine dead gunmen who allegedly attacked India's financial centre last month. The Mumbai police say that all of the nine men are from Pakistan.

Here is a static map of the released addresses.

A. Two of the men were from Okara
B. Three from Multan
C. Two from Faisalabad
D. One was from Sialkot
E. The leader Ismail Khan is from Dera Ismail Khan

I decided to map this mainly in response to Advocate Amit Karkhanis' petition to the Indian Courts to ban Google Earth because it is claimed the service was used by the terrorists to plan their attack on Mumbai.

Considering their use of boats it is likely that the terrorists used far more sophisticated GPS technology in their attack on Bombay.

Here is a list of some of the technology said to have been used in the attack; satellite phones, mobile phones, a GPS tracker, a fishing trawler, inflatable dinghies, guns, grenades, bombs, taxis, a van, credit cards, Blackberries and Google Earth.


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smokeonit said...

the call for a ban on mapping services like googe maps/earth is pretty sad!

corruption and incapable authorities are to blame for most of the deaths that occured... most police in bombay was using WWI style rifles...no body armor, the armor that was available was faulty due to corruption... but it seems it's easier to call for a ban on google maps than to clear up your own mess of outdated laws, corruption and all the other shortcomings of india...

i was really shocked when i saw the equipment of the firefighters of bombay! they used plain regular clothing and laughable helmets to protect themselves from the fire, and they had NO breathing equipment...

politians that send their 1st responders into a dangerous situation dressed and equpped like that should be fired, court marshalled and shot, ON THE SPOT!!!