Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Huge European Google Maps Round-Up

A Church Near You

If you want to find your nearest Church of England church for a Christmas service or nativity play then a Church Near You is for you.

To find your nearest church just enter your postcode and the site searches it's database of over 16,000 churches for those nearest your location. The diocese you live in is then shaded on the map and the churches nearest you are marked on the map.

UK Golf Guide
This huge golfing resource lists Britain’s best golf courses, giving prices, pars of holes, sizes of the greens and geo-tags them all on a handy Google Map.

BigBarn claims to be the UK's no.1 local food website. The site helps users find good, safe, accountable food from local sources. To search the site you enter your postcode and local food sources are geo-tagged on a Google Map.

BigBarn uses different types of map marker to show different types of local food source, for example, farmer's markets, dairy, farm shop etc.

Gumtree is a Craigslist type website for London which focuses on house rentals. The site uses Google Maps to list available rental properties in your area.

It is possible to search the properties by price, location and by type. The results are then plotted on a Google Map.

Czech Republic

What a great idea! A map that shows you the cost of beer in different bars across one city. In this case this city is Prague.

The map geo-tags about 250 bars and pubs. Clicking on one of the beer glass shaped markers opens an information window containing the beer prices of that pub.

Hat-tip to Jack DeNeut.

Dublin By Numbers
This Google Map mashup of Dublin displays a huge amount of information about the city in a number of different categories.

It is possible to turn on or off a number of different categories on the map, such as businesses and services, galleries, museums, theatres, hotels etc.

Guide to U2's Dublin
This map is a guide to U2's Dublin. It is a Google Map showing the history of the band within the city, such as recording studios used for albums, rehearsal spaces etc.


Dilogs is a social network geared towards diving and other subaquatic activities. The site lets you keep track of all your dives, meet new people and share your experiences. The site gives you quick access to your profile from anywhere in the world from your computer or a mobile phone.

The site uses Google Maps to position users, dives and routes. It also allows the sharing of dives on Google Earth via kml.

Ibiza A-Z
Ibiza A-Z is a Google Map mashup showing categorised information markers about this Spanish island. The categories include beaches, museums and much more. This site is a must for anyone planning on taking a holiday on the island.

Casas Zoom
From Lokku Labs (Nestoria's experimental arm) comes this Twitter Vision style map of Spanish property. The map animates through Nestoria's Spanish properties for sale. It is an interesting way to browse through properties in Spain as you can just sit back and wait for your ideal home to appear on the map.

Braga Virtuel

This is an online interactive guide to the city of Braga, in the north of Portugal. The site will help you find tourist information about one of the oldest Portuguese cities, such as important monuments and other sights, tourist routes, where to eat, sleep or shop, etc. The site can also help you to buy or rent a property in the city.

The site has a huge amount of information about the city and it looks good too!

Passeatonvoisin is a French classified ads and auctions site built on Google Maps. To search the map users just enter what they are looking to buy and also enter a location. The results matching their search criteria are then marked on a Google Map. It is then possible to click on the map marker to see the classified ad.

It is also possible to add your own classified ad to the map by completing a simple form.

Voisineo Lyon
A Voisineo is a local meeting place. This site is a social networking and social sharing site for the French city of Lyon. Using this Google Map mashup it is possible to meet your neighbours, explore your neighbourhood and local shops.

Looking for a tennis opponent, a partner Salsa or friends to make up a game of Bridge? Then you can use Nextgeo's Google Map mashup to find them. This site allows anyone to find a partner or friends that share the same sporting or recreational interests.


This site can help you find a parking space in French speaking countries. To use the map you just enter a location you wish to park in and the available parking spaces are then shown on a Google Map.

Information about the geo-tagged parking spaces is also given in the map side panel.

Utrecht van Boven
This mashup allows you to search historical photos of Utrecht on a Google Map. The photos have been geo-tagged on the map so it possible to compare current views of Utrecht with the same view in the past.

The photographs can also be searched by category, such as churches and monasteries, industrial heritage, castles and manors etc. It is also possible to see old maps of Utrecht overlaid on the Google Map.

Fietsnet is a cycling route planner for Flanders in Belgium. It is possible to search the map by entering a location in a search box or simply by clicking on the map. The map will then attempt to give you a route plan using the best cycling routes.

Freizeit Erleben

Freizeit Erleben lets you find the most beautiful parks, playgrounds, zoos, museums and castles in your region. The search facility helps you quickly find new ideas and leisure activities for the whole family near where you live.

Results are shown on a Google Map.

WhatsYourPlace seems to be a virtual property market. Users can select an area on Google Maps and pay WhatsYourPlace a fee to virtually own that place. So you can hand over your hard earned cash to WhatsYourPlace and pretend that you acually own the White House.

Alternatively you can keep hold of your cash and pretend to yourself that you own the White House.

InRomeItaly can help you find hotels, holiday homes or bed and breakfasts in Rome. It is possible to search the map by price and location. Results are then shown on a Google Map.

Each property is shown in a tabbed window that lets you view the property's details, photographs of the property and it's location on a Google Map.
With you can very easily create an online logbook of your trips, just by sending SMS text messages from your cell phone. If you include in the SMS the coordinates of your position, your message will be immediately displayed on Google Maps. Therefore your friends will know where you were when you sent the message.

Registered users can also write comments to your posts, and you can answer them. Later, when you're at home and you have an internet connection, you can also upload a picture and associate it with each position.

Russia is the first Russian social network built on Google Maps. the site already has over 120,000 members. It is possible to search the map by city to find friends and it is also possible to add your own location to the map.

Tereny is a Ukrainian real estate map for both commercial and residential property.

It is possible to search the map by location, type of property and by price. Results are then shown on a Google Map.



Anonymous said...

No mention of the massive Google Maps outage? Is this blog about Google Maps or is it simply a shill site?

Keir Clarke said...

I've been using Google Maps all day with no problem. Any outage could well be regional.

Details would help.

Keir Clarke said...

I've also just checked and Google Maps seems to be working fine.

Keir Clarke said...

OK - I have just done a Twitter search for 'Google Maps Outage' and found a Gigaom post from yesterday talking about a problem that some users were having with MyMaps. A problem that was apparently fixed yesterday.

I used MyMaps a lot yesterday and didn't come across any problems so it might have been regional. I have also just checked MyMaps and they seem to be working perfectly fine now.

I assure you if I had noticed it and it had been a major issue I would have blogged it.

Anonymous said...

i notice that it was an anonymous comment - troll ?? ;)

btw since when is mymaps the same as the google maps api ? ;)

ps. thanks for the mention of ibiza a-z :)

Anonymous said...

Hey! You forgot Poland! We've been developing a Google Maps based online travel journal called Mapness for some time now and we're 100% European.

A few words about Mapness (
Mapness is an online travel journal focused on using maps to show journeys. Travelers use our service to mark their journey routes on maps and sprinkle them with pictures, videos and descriptions. Mapness is just coming out of beta and being developed steadily (we've just added French language version recently). We'll be adding sharing, comments and collaborative journey descriptions in January. Hope you'll find it interesting!

The Mapness team is located partly in Warsaw, Poland (Mike and me) and in London, UK (Wojtek).

Keir Clarke said...

@Tom - not forgotten. Check back Tuesday.