Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Poland Google Maps Mashup Roundup


Mapness is a Google Maps mashup which you can use to share your travel experiences. Using Mapness you can create an online travel journal and show on a Google Map where you have been and what you have seen.

It is possible to add photos and videos, mark the best spots to visit and then share your map with your friends! Mapness also creates some interesting statistics for your journey, such as the total distance travelled and the duration of the journey.

Mapness is also available in three languages, English, Polish and French.

Wroclaw Tram Map

The Wroclaw Tram Map shows the 24 tram routes and stops in this Polish city. The map sidebar includes check boxes for each of the tram routes and for the tram stops. It is therefore possible to view any combination of routes on the map at any time.

Clicking on any of the selected routes opens an information window containing a link to that route's timetable.

Mapa Warszawy

This point of interest map for Warsaw seems to have mapped just about anything you might wish to find. Here's the list of categories:

Clubs, monuments, pubs, restaurants, theatres, cafes, shopping, sports venues, education, transportation, parks, police, hairdressing salons, clinics, shops, hotels, doctors, administration, property, services, dentists, cemeteries, religious buildings, entertainment, pizzerias, hospitals, military, offices, medicine, libraries and banks.

Clicking on any of these categories loads the points of interest for that section. With Mapa Warszawy you will always be able to find what you need in the Polish capital.


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