Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Where to Buy a House

Real Estate Tool

On the off chance that there is someone left in the world who is actually looking to buy a house at the moment Optimal Home Location have released this very handy Real Estate Tool. The tool uses Google Maps to find the optimal location for your home minimising your combined commute to save on time, gas and avoid traffic frustration.

To work out your optimal home location you enter the location of your work places, your children's schools and any other places you may commute to daily, such as a gym on a Google Map. The map then works out the most central location of all these journeys. Next you enter the daily route for each member of your household to minimise the whole family's commute.

After the tool has defined your optimal home location you can even turn on layers to view the neighbourhood's attractions, such as schools, supermarkets, libraries, Starbucks, churches and temples.

The TSP Solver

The Real Estate Tool is a very sophisticated solution for what is the travelling salesman problem. In essence the travelling salesman problem is how to find the optimal route when given a number of destinations.

The TSP (Traveling SalesPerson) Solver is a great Google Maps tool that will help you calculate the fastest round-trip from any starting point. To use the tool just click on any two (or more) points on the map and the TSP Solver will automatically determine the quickest route for you to take.

The tool incorporates Google Maps Driving Directions to provide you the right streets/roads to take and also calculates the round-trip time and length for you.
Now walking directions have been added to the TSP Solver and up to 24 locations can be added to any query.

Via: Mapperz


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