Monday, December 15, 2008

New Facebook Application

Click It Forward

Click It Forward is the first Facebook application that I have seen that uses the Google Earth Browser plug-in.

Acurian is a company that recruits individuals for medical trials. They say that you can help support medical research by signing up your friends on Facebook to their 'Click it Forward' Facebook application. For every four people you get to add Click it Forward Acurian claims they will contribute $1 to one of a number of medical causes.

The application uses the Google Earth browser to show you location and the location of everyone on Facebook who has added the application. The global user map uses numbered markers to show how much money each person has raised for their chosen cause. Each marker on the map is also connected by a line to all the members you have recruited.

The idea of creating lines between friends on the map is inspired. This could be great resource for checking the six degrees of separation theory.


AskOkulu is a social network built on Google Maps. Anyone can join the network via many of the existing social networks. Clicking on the following links will add the AskOkulu application to the named social network, Facebook, Hi5, Ning, Orkut, Bebo and MySpace.

Once you add the application to your social network site your profile photograph will be added to a Google Map. It is then possible to search the map for popular females, popular males, members in particular countries or members who speak a particular language.


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