Monday, December 01, 2008

Weather on Google Maps


Woozor is an excellent Google Maps based weather service with detailed coverage of the USA, Mexico, UK, France, Belgium, Italy and Spain. Woozer plans to add detailed coverage for a number of other countries very soon. It is possible to get a ten day forecast on Woozer for any country in the world but in the seven countries with detailed information you can drill down to individual cities.

It is possible to view the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit on the map or to view the wind direction and strength. It is also possible to animate the weather through the forecasts for the next ten days. Woozor can also give you a url address for any map view so it is possible to link to any of the ten day forecasts anywhere in the world.

National Weather Service Enhanced Radar Image

This mash-up animates the US radar images from the National Weather Service on Google Maps. It is possible to watch an animation of 30 minutes of radar imagery directly above a satellite or map view of the US.

The radar images are used to detect precipitation, evaluate storm structure, locate atmospheric boundaries and determine hail potential. The animation gives a good guide to the current weather conditions in the US.

Via: Mapperz



Anonymous said...

The name of the first weather service is WoozOr and not WoozEr... :p

Keir Clarke said...

Thanks - corrected!