Thursday, December 18, 2008

Text to Google Map Converter


UMapper, a great Google Maps creation site, has unveiled a new feature that allows users to create maps from any text or just from the url of a website. Instead of adding points manually to UMapper's map editor you can now simply paste text and UMapper will generate points from the entry for you. UMapper, in partnership with MetaCarta, translates the text to geo-locations and adds them to your map. Once a map is created you can customize it further.

The process also works for URLs. Once you enter a URL to a web page, UMapper will extract all of the points from that page and add them to a map. This option is best for mapping news stories, existing blog posts or any other content involving large amounts of data.

The embedded map below was created by just adding the web address for Google Maps Mania. It took about four seconds to create and shows all the locations mentioned on this page. At the moment there is no information added to any of the markers but I could easily use the UMapper map editor to add information to the markers if I desired.

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