Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Yellowstone Earthquake Maps

Over the last few days Yellowstone National Park has suffered a number of small earthquakes. So far there has been more than than 250 tremors which is unusual over such a short time.

Here are a number of Google Map mashups where you can view information about the Yellowstone earthquakes and find out about other earthquakes around the world.

Update Sunday 4th January: A series of powerful earthquakes occurred this morning in eastern Indonesia. The maps below also show the locations of these quakes.


This Google Map plots data from the US Geological Survey. A coloured polygon is dranw to represent the size of each tremor.

Earthquakes in the Last Week
This map also shows recent earthquakes around the world. It also includes the latest earthquake news. The map uses different coloured map markers to show the strength of different earthquakes.

Real-time USGS Earthquake Mapplet
This mapplet plots the past week of earthquakes around the world, showing the location, time and magnitude. Each earthquake includes a link to the USGS earthquake website for more information.

World Volcano Browser
A Google Map showing over 1550 volcanoes around the world. It is also possible to view the latest earthquake reports from USGS on the map.

Plate Tectonics Map
This Google Maps mashup from Geology.com shows the boundaries of tectonic plates around the world. Geology.com has also produced a San Andreas Fault Map.

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