Friday, July 22, 2011

Copenhagen Bike Parking on Google Maps

Anyone who has ever visited Copenhagen won't be in any doubt about how much its inhabitants like to cycle. It is said that at least 36% of all Copenhagen citizens commute to work, school or university by bicycle.

The city council of Copenhagen has released open data showing all of the bike parking locations in the city. Soren of imported the data into Fusion Tables and, in less than ten minutes, he created this Google Map of bike parking locations.

The map shows 4,190 bike parking spots throughout Copenhagen, with space for 48,115 bicycles to be parked. This would probably be more than enough for most cities, however with half a million people owning bikes in the city it means that many citizens still can't park their bikes in official spots.

Soren hopes that his map will be used by those campaigning for more bike parking locations to identify those areas that need more bike parking spots.

Copenhagen Bike Parking Map


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