Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Google Maps of the Week

There has been two stand out maps this week.

SRMLive is a great live real-time map of the Tour de France. If you are a fan of the peloton then you will love following the riders on this map.

Intersect, on the other hand, is an excellent application for plotting your life stories, with the added bonus that you can see how your stories intersect with the stories of others.


Intersect is an interesting new website that allows you to map stories by time and place and share them with the world. Once you have mapped your story you can then see how your narrative interacts with other stories - by seeing what else happened at the same time and place.

Intersect uses a time-line and Google Maps to show the intersections between your story and the stories of others. Using the map and the time-line you can find out what important events in other people's lives were happening at the same time and place.


It has taken a while but I have finally found a live real-time map of this year's Tour de France.

The map shows the real-time position of 13 of the riders. The map sidebar shows the current speed of each rider and their current heartbeat. Beneath the map is an interactive elevation chart of the current stage.


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