Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Fun with Google Maps

Cleared for Takeoff

At Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City the Google Maps satellite has managed to capture a time-lapse sequence of a plane taking off. In a happy coincidence the Google Maps satellite or plane flew over the airport just as a plane was taking off.

The outcome is that the Google Maps satellite view of the airport now has a sequence of seven shots of the same plane.

In the first image the plane has just managed to take off. As you scroll down in the satellite view on Google Maps the plane gains altitude and begins to bank a little to its left.

Google Maps FAIL
I find this very hard to believe - apparently Google Maps occasionally makes mistakes. Google Maps FAIL is dedicated to exposing the errors in Google Maps.

Unfortunately the blog hasn't been updated for a while and seems to have missed some of Google Map's recent errors.

One Google Maps mistake in particular has been dominating Google Maps news this week. Apparently the long driveway to the home of Laurie Gneiding and Michael Brady has been displayed on Google Maps as the entrance to Round Valley State Park in northern New Jersey.

This has resulted in a steady stream of cars mistakenly driving up the quarter-mile private driveway. The couple has now posted a sign at the entrance to the driveway that says "Google Maps is Wrong".

BushView from Google Maps Australia

Google Maps Australia is soon to introduce BushView, a tree-top version of Google Maps Street View. The imagery for BushView will be captured by cameras attached to tree kangaroos.

I would love this story to be true but as the video above was uploaded to YouTube on March 31st I suspect that this is just a little fun from Google Australia.


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Sachchit said...

It looks like the plane taking off from Tinker is an E-3 AWACS, part of the 552nd Air Control Wing located at the base.