Saturday, July 09, 2011

A Country Not on Google Maps

South Sudan has become the world's newest nation. I've just had a look at the major online mapping websites and it seems that none of them have yet added South Sudan.

However Ogle Earth has created a KML file that shows the outline of the new country. The map includes the town of Abyei which, pending a referendum, will officially belong to both South Sudan and Sudan.

You can view Ogle Earth's KML file on Google Maps here.



Catholicgauze said...

I've noted the failure to represent South Sudan by the big three as well. It's sort of a mini-geography geek contest to see who does shows South Sudan first.

Peter said...

The big one :) has already updated:

Eric said...

One week and still the three are dragging their feet.

Of course those sites have to wait for updated data from their sources, who would ideally have been ready in advance.

Maybe they don't want to get the border wrong and cause any conflict - there may well be disputes in the border regions.