Friday, July 29, 2011

Geohashing with Google Maps

The xkcd Geohashing Wiki is inviting you to participate in the wonderful world of random location meet-ups.

Geohashing is a method for finding a random location near your current location and then visiting it. Every day the geohashing algorithm generates a new set of coordinates for your location. Everyone in a given region gets the same set of coordinates.

After you have visited the random location you can document your expedition on the Geohashing Wiki, including details of who was involved in your expedition and pictures of your adventure.

To get your daily randomised coordinates visit the Geohashing Google Map. Click on the map to show your location and, using the geohashing algorithm, your random location will be generated by the map.

Geohashing Wiki



Tom said...

My location was 30 miles out into the Atlantic Ocean. I don't think I'll be there.

Keir Clarke said...

Where's your sense of adventure?

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