Thursday, July 21, 2011

Create a Google Map in Minutes is a free Google Maps creation tool that you can use to create a map from data from a spreadsheet, for example from data in an Excel spreadsheet.

Using the tool it is very easy to create a Google Map with multiple dataset layers, apply filters to locations, choose different markers and securely share maps within a team.

You can register for free with Then all you need to do is name your map and then paste a list of addresses into the map creation tool. Within seconds, all addresses and other location-specific data is plotted on a Google Map.



Susan said...

Hi, does work internationally? i've been trying to map some sites in south africa but not sure if I'm missing something. Thanks, Susan

Brady said...

Hi Susan, I'm one of the creators of I haven't been able to test it for other countries (we built it in the US), but I'd be interested to see what type of address data you have for South Africa to see how it might or might not work. If you'd be willing to send me a sample (10 locations or so) of your data, I can test it out. If you would like, just email it to: admin @

Thanks! Brady

Stewart said...

Hi, what about some sites in Bulgaria, is it possible? Stewart.

Keir Clarke said...

Hi Stewart,

Did you see this post from four days ago.

Also check out

Stewart said...


I've seen these sites but my other is what are the copyright implications if I use Google Maps on my websites?