Saturday, November 26, 2011

Capture a Google Maps Screenshot

Map2Pic allows you to grab a screenshot of a Google Map and save it in "png" or "jpg" format. For example, the screenshot above was captured with Map2Pic.

Mpa2Pic allows you to choose the map view you wish to capture (map, satellite or terrain), the size of the screenshot and even allows you to set a compression rate for the the saved image.

It is also possible to add a marker to the map. The marker comes in a choice of colours and with the option of a shadow or no shadow.

Map2Pic is in many ways similar to the Static Maps API Wizard. The Static Maps API Wizard can generate static maps using the Google Maps Static Image API. Now you can use Map2Pic when you want to host a static map image on your own servers rather than using Google's Static Maps API.

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