Monday, November 14, 2011

The Weasley Clock for Sale

I saw John McKerrell present his home-made 'Weasley Clock' back in 2009 at a London Geomob meeting. I'm happy to report that a much improved WhereDial is now available to buy.

In the Harry Potter books the Weasley family have a clock which, instead of telling the time, shows the location of each member of the family. The hands on the clock don't point to the hours and minutes of the day but point to locations such as, 'Home', 'Travelling', 'School', 'Holidays' and 'Mortal Peril'.

The WhereDial, unlike the Weasley Clock, doesn't use magic but hooks into the full range of location services supported by, and works with Foursquare and Google Latitude to show your current location.

WhereDials are available for sale for just $149 (or £99) + postage. More details are available here.

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