Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Create Virtual Tours with Street View

History in These Streets is a virtual recreation of the Black Panther Legacy tour that the Huey P. Newton Foundation conducts in West Oakland.

The tour includes an audio narration by David Hilliard, the former Chief of Staff of the Black Panther Party. As Hilliard relates the history of different locations the Street View of that location is displayed, with a little help from the Google Maps API.

History in These Streets was created with Mozilla Popcorn.js. Popcorn.js is an HTML5 javascript library for creating time-based interactive media. Using the library it is possible to synchronise videos or audio files with Google Maps and Google Map Street Views to create virtual tours.

Mozilla have also released Popcorn Maker, a very easy to use tool that will help you create interactive websites. Popcorn Maker will look familiar to anyone who has used video editing software.

The tool allows you to add a video or audio file and add text, Google Maps, Street View images and other media to the media time-line. The result is a web page with a playable audio file or video that is synchronised to add text, a map or Street View as the media plays.

Popcorn Maker is in alpha testing at the moment, so keep in mind that it isn't a finished tool yet.


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