Sunday, November 06, 2011

Google Maps of the Week is a really nicely realised daily deal website. aggregates deal offers from lots of the daily deal sites and lets you search for your nearest offers via a handy Google Map. Using the map you can find the deals nearest to your current location.

Julien Levesque is a French artist who has created a number of interesting Google Maps experiments.

Street Views Patchwork mixes together three different Street View images to make a new imaginary landscape. Once the page loads - keep watching, as after a few seconds a new imaginary landscape will appear.

Juntos! is a neat events finder and organiser application for Facebook.

Using the application it is possible to find all sorts of events that are happening around your location. Alternatively if you planning a vacation or visiting another town or city you can use Juntos! to search for events at your destination and refine the results shown by date.

Juntos! can also be used to share and promote your own events. If you share an event with Juntos! the event will appear on your Facebook events page and on the Juntos! application.


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