Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Google Maps Drawing Library

Google Maps API developers can now offer users a range of drawing tools thanks to a new Drawing Library.

If developers include this library in their Google Maps it will allow users to add markers, polygons, polylines, squares and circles to a map. Use the library with a back-end database and you could allow users to add and save shapes to a map. Alternatively you could use the tools to allow users to draw an area to perform a search query.

I'm sure Google Maps developers will think of many other uses for the new Drawing Library tools.

Via: Google Geo Developers Blog

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Pravin said...

I am working with Drawing Manager of Google API V3..When the user clicks on the Polygon icon (before clicking on the map to draw polygon) in this link

I want first vertex of a polygon at (-34.397, 150.644) location..

After this , If user now clicks on the map , then the polygon drawing will be continue like (-34.397, 150.644)-->(user clicked point on map)-->(User Clicked Point on map).....