Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Google Maps of the Week

My favourite Google Maps this week have all been about connections.

The Genetic Risks World Map shows the connections between countries caused by migration and the genetic risk of different diseases. The map shows which populations around the world are most susceptible to particular diseases and in doing so highlights the genetic connections between the populations in different countries around the world.

The connections on the Tech City Map are all to do with the network connections between different new media companies in east London. The map shows the locations of London's emerging technology companies and the connections that exist between the various companies.

7 Billion Actions map may not display connections visually on a map, like the first two applications, but the map is all about a connected world of 7 billion people. The map allows users to look at the correlations between economic, social and demographic variables in the world's population.

Last but not least, Canada Remembers reminds us that the bonds that connect us all are sometimes broken. However by plotting the homes of Toronto's Second World War casualties the map helps us to reconnect with the past generations that have fought and died to protect our freedoms and ways of life.

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