Friday, November 11, 2011

Some Street View Friday Fun

The Monet Shot

Last week's release of Street View imagery of parks around the world included this beautiful shot in Richmond Park, London.

Travel the World with Street View
Google's promo videos are getting better and better. I like this one promoting Google Maps Street View.

Street View Bookshop

I keep finding more and more in-store examples of Street View. This one comes from a book-shop in London. Ever mindful of privacy Google have blurred out the faces of the authors on the book covers.

Street View Funny this week found the car park in Mountain View where the Street View cars come home to rest. There are quite a few. There are also a number of colourful bikes just lying around.

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Kyle said...

What do you mean by more and more examples? This is only one example I see.

You should've said: 'This is an example" showing one,mono,uno.etc