Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Google Maps Layer for ArcGIS JavaScript

This script from the gmaps-utility-gis page on Google Code lets you add Google Maps as a layer in ArcGIS Server JavaScript API. The script can be used to add Google Maps as a reference layer in an application that is built on top of the ArcGIS Server JavaScript API.

The finished map allows users to access Google Maps and Street View and all the other Google Maps map layers alongside the ArcGIS map tiles. The Google Maps API is loaded dynamically when the first Google Map is set to visible. This approach will save API load calls as you do not have to load the API unless you use it. This could be useful now that Google has decided to set free usage limits on the Google Maps API.

You can view a demo of the script action and view the documentation here.

Hat-tip: Street View Funny


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Anonymous said...

The streetview controls do not work using the current version of Chrome, but it does work with all other browsers.