Friday, December 09, 2011

Friday Fun with Google Maps

Album Covers in Street View

Can you guess which album cover these four lads are about to try and recreate?

If you need some help with the answer then check out Buzz Feed's collection of Google Maps Street View images of where famous album covers were shot.

You can also find the locations where hundreds of album covers were shot on the World Magazine Album Covers Map.

I Love Candy!

The Google Street View driver decides he needs a sugar rush and heads into the nearest candy store.


If you love maps then you will probably love Warlight. This game will also appeal to all fans of the board game Risk.

Warlight is a world conquest game which includes an option for players to create their own maps to play on. Consequently there is a never ending supply of new world's to try and conquer.

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Ant said...

Warlight is a sweet game. :)