Saturday, December 17, 2011

Google Maps Created in Your Own Image

Mashupforge is a new Google Maps creation tool that allows anyone to easily create a Google Map without having to use the Google Maps API.

The tool allows users to create a Google Map with markers or to create a map from an uploaded image. Adding markers to a Mashupforge map is a simple process of dropping the marker on the correct location and entering the information you wish to appear in the information window.

To create a map from an image simply involves uploading an image. The screenshot above shows a map created from one of NASA's Blue Marble monthly images uploaded to Mashupforge.

Custom maps created with Mashupforge can be embedded in any website by cutting and pasting the provided iframe code. Alternatively users can just share the link of their created map's URL.


Don Barker said...

Did Keir Clarke actually try this out before promoting it here?

Keir Clarke said...

Hi Don,

The very short answer is 'yes'.

I assume you weren't entirely happy with Mashupforge. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the app.