Monday, December 12, 2011

A Street View First Person Shooter Game

Google Shoot View is pretty good fun. In essence the game is just a fire-able machine gun superimposed on top of Google Maps Street View and, to be honest, there isn't much of a game element to this app. But - is is a lot more fun than that makes it sound.

The game is embedded in a fairly accurate reproduction of the Google Maps user interface. So if you want to shoot up a particular location - you know where the search bar is (but do you know where you boss lives?).

(p.s. if anyone from Pool reads this - activate the link tag! The game would be much more viral if users could send a link of a particular location to friends.)


erwinkleinjan said...

Hi Keir, we're going to working on it. Thanks for the post!
Gtrz Erwin/Pool

Job WInd said...

hey Keir,
Thanks for the advice! We've now added localized linking :)

Keir Clarke said...

Excellent - although it seems to have gone viral already.

I've read at least three reviews of the game in the last half hour. I see Venture Beat have gone for the sensationalist approach.

I thought it was inevitable that someone would try and get more hits for a story on Google Shoot View by going for the 'OMG - this is sick' approach.

Google Street View Funny said...

FYI - Shut down by Google -