Friday, December 02, 2011

Google Maps & the Time Travel Portals

President Obama lives in the future and only travels back in time to appear on TV now and again.

How else can you explain this Google Maps aerial view image of Air Force One emerging from a secret government time travel portal?

Whilst the president time travels in the relative comfort of Air Force One government officials are forced to travel back and forth in time on the cheap. Here we see them emerging from another time travelling portal, this time by train.


Chris Thompson said...

That's not Air Force One (a heavily modified 747). It appears to be one of the Air Force's C40B aircraft (the military version of the 737-700), that would typically be used for the First Lady, Congress members, etc.

Keir Clarke said...

I can see why you got confused.

The government has gone back in time and changed all references to 'Air Force One' in literature, film and pictorial records to 'Air Force C40B' and vice-versa.

So whilst you think that is an Air Force C40B it really is Air Force One.

Unknown said...

Air Force One is a designation, not a particular airplane so it could be Air Force One.