Monday, December 19, 2011

Share a Carol with Street View

Share a Carol with Google Maps Street View lets you create and send a virtual Christmas card with some Christmas carollers singing on top of your own Street View scene.

Creating your card is very easy. You just need to choose a Street View scene by entering an address or choosing a famous landmark from a drop-down menu (Big Ben, Times Square, the Eiffel Tower etc). You can then choose from a selection of carols.

Once you have finished a video of carollers will appear on top of your chosen Street View scene and sing you your chosen carol. You can then send your personal carol singing Christmas card via Facebook, Twitter or by sending the link via e-mail.

Shelter - House Bling Christmas Cards

UK housing charity Shelter have created this amazing Street View site that lets you decorate your house with some Christmas bling. Once you enter your postcode and find your house you can choose from a number of Christmas decorations to give your house that Christmas glow.

Once you have finished you can then share your creation via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail. The site has been created to remind you that no-one should be homeless at Christmas - so once you have created your decorated house please remember to give generously to Shelter.

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Carl Belken said...

Shelter housebling does not work on my mac. I wonder if there are similar sites that can?