Friday, December 16, 2011

It's Friday - Go For a F..king Drink

If swearing offends you then you should avoid Where the F..k Should I Go for a Drink? However if you want some blunt advice about where you can get a nearby drink then carry on ...

If you share your location with Where the F..k Should I Go for a Drink? you will be shown a Google Map of your current location with directions to a nearby bar or pub. Above the map is a large question that gives the name of your suggested local watering hole. I've photoshopped out the swearing in the screenshot above but I think you can still get the drift.

If you click on the named bar in the map headline you can visit the suggested pub's website. If the suggested pub doesn't please you then you can click to get alternative recommendations.


Arslan said...

thanks :-)

Ant said...

It doesn't work for me in both Mozilla's SeaMonkey v2.0.14 and Internet Explorer v8. I get "WAIT THE FUCK UP" that seems to be stuck. :(