Thursday, December 15, 2011

Google Maps - Top Searches 2011

Google Zeitgeist - 2011 is Google's analysis of the top searches conducted using Google this year. Google Zeitgeist 2011 includes a list of the top 10 searches conducted on Google Maps.

The Google Maps Fastest Rising searches for 2011 are:
  1. utm
  2. siegessule berlin
  3. dpt conforama
  4. wells fargo
  5. friseur
  6. elementary schools
  7. campgrounds
  8. shopping centre
  9. starbucks
  10. lake
Some of the searches are self-explanatory as users search for nearby shops (particularly Starbucks), schools, campgrounds and lakes.

Examining the searches by month also reveals some expected trends, for example searches for campgrounds and lakes rise leading up to, and during, the summer before dropping away again in the autumn.

In Germany the top searches seem to be for hairdressers and for the siegessule (which I assume is searches for the Berlin victory column, the Siegessäule).

At No.3 in the list Dpt Conforama could be the French department store (but I could easily be wrong).

The top search 'UTM' has me stumped. It might possibly be people searching for the Universal Transverse Mercator coordinate system, but I have no idea why there should be a sudden jump in people searching for UTM in May.

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