Friday, December 30, 2011

Create a Timelapse Street View Movie

The brilliant Address is Approximate mixes stop-motion animation with some timelapse images from Google Maps Street View.

If you want to create your own timelapse movie from Street View then you can follow Digital Inspirations online tutorial How to Create a Time-Lapse Movie with Google Street View. The tutorial explains how to create an AutoHotkey text file that will help you capture a series of Street View images automatically. You can then import the images into Windows Live Movie Maker (or any other video editing software) to create your timelapse movie.

Some Other Street View Timelapse Movies


fotografia ślubna said...

great idea. i love timelapses :)) nice!

Anonymous said...

This would be nice if the pictures in the U. S. wern't so blurry. I have a hard time looking at them dirty, blurry pictures.

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Thanks for the information on the timelapse.

Anonymous said...

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