Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Annoyed with the Weather on Google Maps

Weather Sentiment Prediction is a clever Google Maps based application that can tell you how people feel about the weather at any location.

You can select a location on the application by dragging the map marker and adjusting the radius of the search area. Once you hit the 'search' button the application begins to analyse Tweets from that area which mention the weather. Each message is machine analysed to determine whether it is a positive or negative response to the weather.

A smiley face and an unsmiley face at the top of the Twitter stream give an indication of the overall response to the current weather. My unscientific analysis suggests that the Weather Sentiment Prediction for London today is fairly accurate with a negative response to a grey and rainy day.

As an experiment I dragged the marker to Los Angeles and in response the Weather Sentiment Prediction gave me a big smiley face. If only I could drag my big lardy derrière to LA as easily then I'd have a big smiley face as well.

Via: ProgrammableWeb

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