Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Google Maps of the Week

If you are planning your vacation then you should check Weather Hopper to find out what you should pack. Weather Hopper is a great Google Map that can tell you what the weather is normally like for any month anywhere in the world.

The weather itself is displayed in a small information window which automatically appears over your searched location. You can select what type of weather information you wish to view from the side-panel, including average usual temperature, precipitation, relative humidity and wind. 

Weather Sentiment Prediction is a clever Google Maps based application that can tell you how people feel about the weather at any location.

You can select a location on the application by dragging the map marker and adjusting the radius of the search area. Once you hit the 'search' button the application begins to analyse Tweets from that area which mention the weather. Each message is machine analysed to determine whether it is a positive or negative response to the weather.

This weekend's Formula 1 Grand Prix in Bahrain has been very controversial and should probably have never been held. However with about half an hour to go before the race (as I write) it looks like the race will go ahead. has created a Google Map that will hopefully track the race in real-time on Google Maps. The F1 Live Timing Map is currently showing a demo race using imagined data. The map shows the cars moving around the Bahrain Formula 1 track on Google Maps satellite view.

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Marcus Andersson said...

Weatherhobo ( is pretty similar to Weatherhopper but is more focused on finding a vacation destination. You can search by monthly weather, beaches, golf courses and landmarks.