Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Bavarian Forest in Google Maps

Der Bayerischer Wald is a great Google Maps guide to hiking routes, accommodation and events in the Bavarian Forest region in Germany. Points of interest are organised into five categories (food, accommodation, events, sights and tours) which can be accessed from the map side-panel.

A nice feature of the map is that areas outside the map's area of interest are shaded so that the Bavarian Forest region has more visual impact on the map. For those interested in creating a similar look then you can use Swiss Trains' open-source masking effect for Google Maps.

The effect transforms a KML polygon into a mask that effectively highlights the polygon on the map by shading the rest of the world. You can see a demo of the effect on this Swiss Administrative Boundaries Map.

If you want to use the effect in your own Google Maps then grab the code from GitHub - Masked Polygons.

Via: Lankartenblog

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