Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Map of Life

The Map of Life is an impressive attempt to map life on Earth.

Using the application it is possible to click on a Google Map and get a list of all the different types of bird, fish, reptile, amphibian or mammal that live in a set radius around that location. For example, if I click on my address the map returns a list of 168 different types of bird and 32 different types of mammal.

It is also possible to use the map to view the worldwide habitats of different species. If you enter the name of an animal species the map will shade in the areas of the world that the animal inhabits.


Paul said...

Hmm - what happened? - the map isn;t active today but was working last night

Looks like its screenshots only now

Keir Clarke said...

Yes - it looks like I jumped the gun on that one. It was obviously only a working demo.

I'm sure it will be back.