Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Tour the White House with Street View

The Blue Room

Google Maps has released Street View imagery for the White House. Now in Google Maps you can take a virtual interactive tour of the official residence of the President of the United States.

Here are some quick links to take you to specific rooms:

The State Floor

Entrance Hall
The Entrance Hall (also called the Grand Foyer) is the primary and formal entrance to the White House.

The East Room
The East Room is the largest room in the White House. The picture to the right of the yellow curtains is the White House's oldest possession, the Lansdowne portrait depicting George Washington, painted by Gilbert Stuart in 1797.

The Blue Room
The Blue Room is used for receptions, receiving lines, and is occasionally set for small dinners.

The Red Room
The Red Room has served as a parlor and music room, and recent presidents have held small dinner parties in it. The Madisons, Lincolns, Grants, and Kennedys all used the Red Room as a music room. A guitar, piano and music stands were kept in the room. Today a music stand beside the fireplace recalls that earlier use of the room.

The Green Room
The Green Room is one of three state parlors on the first floor in the White House. It is used for small receptions and teas. During a state dinner, guests are served cocktails in the three state parlors before the president, first lady, and visiting head of state descend the Grand Staircase for dinner.

The State Dining Room
The State Dining Room is the larger of the two dining rooms on the State Floor of the White House.

The East Room

The Ground Floor

The China Room
The White House's collection of state china is displayed in the China Room. The collection ranges from George Washington's Chinese export china to Bill Clinton's ivory, yellow, and burnished gold china. The room is primarily used by the first lady for teas, meetings, and smaller receptions.

The Vermeil Room
The Vermeil Room houses a collection of silver-gilt or vermeil tableware, a 1956 bequest to the White House by Margaret Thompson Biddle. Portraits of American First Ladies also hang in the room.

The Library
The Library is used for teas and meetings by the President and First Lady. John Adams, the first President to live in the White House, used this room as a laundry room; at that time it was said to have been filled with "Tubs, Buckets, and a variety of Lumber."

Information for each of the rooms comes from Wikipedia.

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Mark Douglass said...

I am a huge fan of anything about the White House. I am very impressed. I have visited twice on tours, but wasn't allowed the time to actually appreciate the incredible artifacts and art the White House contains. I saw on the news of Google's new site tour of the White House and I just spent 2 hours viewing the art I missed on the first 2 tours. Great Job and I can't wait to see more...Thank you for the the great and exciting work. VERY COOL!