Monday, April 09, 2012

Find What You Need with Google Maps

The rise of internet shopping and the decline in mom and pop stores actually seems to have made it more difficult to buy certain items. It may be anecdotal but I often find myself wondering more and more where there is a store that will actually stock the thing I need.

Luckily Goodzer has come to my rescue. Goodzer is a local shopping service that can help you find all sorts of products in all kinds of stores nearby. It can help you find all sorts of items, big, small, or obscure, and not just from national chains, but from unique boutiques and small stores that can be easily missed.

If you share your location with Goodzer and enter the product you need Goodzer will display a Google Map with all the nearby stores that sell the product you want. It is possible to set the distance that you are prepared to travel and it is also possible to filter the results by relevance and price.

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Anonymous said...

Seems pretty accurate, although hard to believe they have ALL the stores in US but definitely more than other such web-sites