Sunday, April 08, 2012

The Best Google Maps of the Week

The beginning of this week saw the release of three outstanding Google Maps based applications.

Disney released an amazing animated movie creation tool using Google Maps Street View.

After you enter your address into Disney's Giant Steps you can watch a video of a giant Goofy landing on your street (with a little help from Google Maps satellite view). Goofy then walks down your street (using Street View imagery) and actually opens the window of your house.

Floating Shiny Knot is another impressive experiment that superimposes animation on top of Google Maps Street View. Here however the effect is rather more artistic

The application superimposes an animated shiny knot on top of any Street View image (you can choose a chrome or glass finish for the knot). The effect is very impressive and if you rotate and drag the Street View around then the application soars to even higher levels of impressiveness.

The world has had to wait a long time for this meeting of Tower Defence and Google Maps but the wait is now over.

MapsTD is an amazing tower defence game built using the Google Maps API and the new 8-bit map tiles.

In the game you can choose from a number of locations around the world. When you have selected a location you then have to defend it from attackers by strategically placing your defence towers. If you've ever played a Tower Defence game you should know what to expect. If you haven't then where have you been for the last few years?

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