Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Meet in the Middle with Google Maps

Rendeznew allows users to enter up to four locations and find the best place to meet in the middle.

The application also allows users to find places to meet in a number of categories. Users can select from a number of different types of restaurant, places to drink or 'play' (e.g. museums, parks or galleries). The application then shows not only the best place to meet for everyone but also the best venues for the meeting to take place.

Mezzoman is another application that can help people meet their friends, family, clients or business associates in the middle.

The application allows the user to enter up to four starting points and to enter a search term, such as 'cafe' or 'sushi'. A Google Map then shows the midway point between the locations and a number of recommended venues for the meeting.

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Anonymous said...

Please check this black hole on Google maps near (Beaver Creek near Yukon, Canada):