Thursday, December 10, 2015

All Road Maps Lead to Rome

When all roads lead to Rome you've got to ask yourself which damn road are you going to take. Luckily Roads to Rome already has the answer for you.

Moovel Lab took 486,713 starting points across the whole of Europe and then worked out the quickest route from each of those points to the eternal city of Rome. They then created an interactive map of all those routes to Rome. The more often a segment of road or street is used the larger it is drawn on the map.

Moovel Lab didn't stop there. They also looked at the map of the United States and found 10 towns called Rome. So they ran the same routing algorithms on the map of the United States to create a similar map showing all the roads to all the Romes in the USA.

Moovel Lab were still not done. They then decided to use their routing algorithm to determine the 'Street DNA' of every European city. To work out this Street DNA Roads to Rome works out all the routes to the center of a city and then works out how far each route deviates from the ideal route between A and B.

And we are still not done! Moovel Lab had so much fun creating these maps that they decided to let you create your own maps. If you go to the 'Explore' section of Roads to Rome you can create a Street DNA for any location in Europe.

The 'Explore' map lets you enter an address and travelling time and then works out all the routes to your address that can be made in your set travelling time. It then creates a map of all these routes and a Street DNA diagram showing how far each route deviates from the ideal route.

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