Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Siege of Sarajevo

During the siege of Sarajevo a half mile long tunnel was built under Sarajevo Airport to link the city of Sarajevo (which was entirely cut off by Serbian forces) with Bosnian-held territory on the other side of the airport. The tunnel was used to smuggle food, war supplies, and humanitarian aid into the city and to help citizens escape the siege.

Sarajevo Under Siege is a web documentary about the siege of Sarajevo and its effect on the people trapped in the city. The documentary includes a Story Map (labelled 'Interactive' in the site menu), which looks at the military strength and positions of the Yugoslav People's Army and the defense offered by the Bosnian government defense forces (ARBiH).

Sarajevo Under Siege also includes a Torque powered Siege Map. This animated map plays through the constant artillery bombardment of the city. The map also contains interactive markers showing the locations of many of the massacres carried out during the siege.

The 'Tunnel' section of Sarajevo Under Siege website consists of a series of connected panoramic photos of the Sarajevo Tunnel. This Street View tour allows you to explore the entrance of the tunnel, in the home of the Kolar family and explore a little way into the tunnel itself.

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