Thursday, December 17, 2015

Animated Optimal Road Trips

This year optimal road trips have been a popular theme for map developers. In its most basic form the 'optimal road trip' provides the shortest journey around a country (or any list of destinations), while also visiting each and every region at least once.

Here are some example maps, showing an Optimal Road Trip Across the United States, an Optimal Road Trip Across Europe and an Optimal Road Trip Around India.

You can now view three optimal road trips in which the routes have also been animated. The VROOM Optimized Road Trips Gallery includes three animated maps; a coast to coast U.S. roadtrip through 48 state capitals, a tour of the 244 biggest towns in metropolitan France and a trip around 2232 Irish pubs.

The optimal routes for each trip were calculated using VROOM, an optimization engine for vehicle routing problems. The animated polylines for the routes were created using the new SnakeAnim plug-in for Leaflet maps.

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