Wednesday, December 09, 2015

The Solar Powered Twitter Map

Solar Impulse is a plane attempting to fly around the world powered purely by the sun's energy. Flying on the Wings of Twitter is a mapped visualization of Tweets from around the world sent in support of Solar Impulse.

Flying on the Wings of Twitter uses CartoDB's Torque library to show an animated timeline of Tweets being posted around the world in support of the flight. A lot of Torque powered Twitter maps are little more than flashing dots on a map. Flying on the Wings of Twitter however moves a little beyond this by actually sending the Tweets into flight themselves.

As you progress in the timeline the Tweets actually fly from their origins to the location of Solar Impulse at the point the Tweets were sent. If you quickly move through the timeline the flight path of the Solar Impulse is revealed on the map as all the Tweets descend upon the plane.

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