Monday, December 07, 2015

UK Flood Maps

The UK was hit by widespread flooding over the weekend as a result of record levels of rain. This morning Shoothill's FloodAlerts map shows that many severe flood warnings are still in place in the North West of England.

The FloodAlerts map warns of flooding danger from rivers and the sea in England and Wales using data from the Environment Agency. The map shows three levels of warning rising in severity; 'Flood Alert', 'Flood Warning' and 'Severe Flood Warning'.

It is also possible to visualize the volume of rain from Storm Desmond on Shoothill's GaugeMap. The GuageMap allows you to view real-time data from over 2,400 river gauges in England & Wales.

The gauges coloured blue on the map show rivers where water levels indicate that flooding is possible. Many of the river gauges in the North West of England registered their highest ever levels over the weekend.

If you select an individual gauge on the map you can view a graph of the last seven days of river levels. Each gauge's chart includes a line showing the gauge's highest ever recorded level (many of these lines will of course now have to be redrawn).

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